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Slab #70
Jagoe's Foodie Fren #173
Jagoe's Foodie Frens
A collection of 202 food photos taken by Jagoe. These NFTs are useless. The only thing they can do is make you hungry.
  • Restaurant: The Corner Brunch
  • Location: Milford, Connecticut
  • Dish: South African Hash
  • Description: A spicy beef and lentil hash over poached eggs and an English muffin, topped with bearnaise sauce and crispy potato frizzles. Served with a side of homefries.
  • Note from Jagoe: The Corner is one of the best brunch spots on the planet and is the most featured restaurant in the Foodie Frens collection. The South African Hash is a unique specialty dish with incredible flavor. Definitely one of my favorites on the menu!
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